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POSTED BY Damian Bazadona 18 August 2007 No Comment

I don’t know about you, but something depresses me about the slightly slimmer NY Times. It just doesn’t feel the same. I’m a long-time reader and will continue to be, but I’m deeply concerned about the future of the newspaper. The NY Post is reporting that the New York Times Online is opening up their ‘Times Select’ content so consumers don’t have to pay to view it. While for consumers this sounds great, I think this move just feeds into the bigger problem with publishing content for the web. Instead of trying to build value for consumers to get their news from the NYTimes.com, they may soon be simply giving it away for free. Maybe it’s just a rumor – but I think good content can and should be paid for over time. In short, it feels like a knee-jerk reaction and one that concerns me as a daily reader.

Here’s a rough critic’s view from the Alley Insider on the future outlook of the NY Times. It’s an interesting (not sure how accurate) look at the financial outlook.  Say it ain’t so.

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