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Report: U.S. families own an average of 12 tech. devices

POSTED BY Damian Bazadona 12 October 2006 No Comment

You could read the following as an "opportunity" for marketers or "a sad state" for American society but the evidence is in that people are more connected to technology than ever before. Here’s a recent story from the folks at MediaPost:

U.S. families today own an average of 12 tech devices, including three TVs, two PCs, and 7 other gadgets such as consoles, MP3 players, and mobile phones, according to a new report by Yahoo and the agency OMD. The report, based on the polling of more than 4,500 Web users, also found that people today are using their gadgets to multitask. Respondents spent an average of 2.5 hours a day watching TV, 1 hour using instant messenger, 1.2 hours e-mailing and 3.6 hours using the Web; overall, respondents were cramming 43 hours worth of activities into a 24-hour day.

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